Frankhie Muthumbi
1 min readMay 8, 2024


Photo by Frankhie Muthumbi

Allow me to paint your sunny skies grey,
Mix your bright into a dull and gloomy,
Call blessings on your parade,
And boast about rain made,

I will blotch your masterpiece,
With streaks of paint in an off hue,
And call myself the artist,
With five bold strokes,

I will negate your hope,
And call you delusional,
Take it as my job to ground you,
As if you might fly too far away,

I will chain you to myself,
Turn your soul into a beast of burden,
Then load you with the weight of the world,
Every time you say something light-hearted

I will not allow you to blame me,
For any wildly curated thoughts,
Any broken distortions of your dreams,
That seem a hair out of arm’s reach,

Because I’m not pessimistic,
I’m just being realistic,
It isn’t my fault you live a life,
In a constant self-fulfilling prophecy




Frankhie Muthumbi

Perfectly Imperfect || Human, Alexithymiac Poet, Writer, Musician