A cool breeze on a hot day,
That dances on your skin,
Like soothing kisses,

A warm drink on a cold morning,
While raindrops slide down windows,
And the world looks saturated

A plate of chips, two sausages
And a cold bottle of Fanta,
After a day of swimming,

The arms of a loved one,
At the end of a long day,
That brace every bone in you,

The taste of freedom,
You found lapping at moments,
Surrounded by friends,

The feeling of freedom,
That holds you close,
In a moment alone,

The intimacy of eye contact,
Dancing slowly in the living room,
To your song,

Close your eyes,
And feel it,
You are happy



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Frankhie Muthumbi

Frankhie Muthumbi

Perfectly Imperfect || Human, Alexithymiac Poet, Writer, Musician