Frankhie Muthumbi
1 min readSep 20
Photo by Frankhie Muthumbi

They say it like it’s between two walls,
This room that contains unrequited love,
Like a box that cuts off the oxygen,
As if the love wouldn’t have a chance to grow,

They say to give it time,
It’s just a hard nut to crack,
But once you get through the shell,
It’s a wonderful snack… for 5 minutes,

They say it like it is a curse,
Like a disease that keeps sneaking in,
Poisoning the relationship into intensive care,
And the antidote works in two ways,

One, you hold it in your body for as long as you can,
Maybe one day, someday, you wake up with it gone,
Two, you walk away from it with no rearview mirrors,
And with every step, you feel less and less like dying,

They say it like it’s the end,
Like rejection feels like a full stop,
To a sentence, you did not feel done reading,
And now your thought is hanging,

Tie a noose of the tree of life,
See how well it hangs and chokes it out of you,
This love you claim you had,
Before they put you in the friend zone

~ Frankhie

Frankhie Muthumbi

Perfectly Imperfect || Human, Alexithymiac Poet, Writer, Musician