Frankhie Muthumbi
1 min readMay 29, 2024


Photo by Frankhie Muthumbi

It is the frustrations of traffic,
An already exhausting Monday morning,
With a curse at life itself for the delays,
Caused by another near-death accident,

It is the proclamation of love,
A song on the radio on Sunday morning,
A beautiful bed of vocals pulling heartstrings,
Singing about broken commitments,

It is the celebration of life,
A cheering breath and a newness,
A smile spread so neatly on a Tuesday,
In the wake of one’s last one,

It is a sigh of relief,
Positive words of affirmation on a diagnosis,
In the same waiting room on a Saturday night,
As uncertainties of mortality,

It is hating the line at the bus stop,
A one-way ticket to a happy home,
Watching private vehicles on a Monday morning,
Driving to loneliness in luxury,

It is life,
A rolling stone of realities,
That crisscross each other,
Sometimes in their dualities.

~ Frankhie



Frankhie Muthumbi

Perfectly Imperfect || Human, Alexithymiac Poet, Writer, Musician