Keep a candle burning,
There is love in the air,
Scorch all the oxygen,
And I’ll still live by this breath,

Keep a candle burning,
Watch the food on the plates run cold,
The wine bottles will host nothing but,
Naked conversation,

Keep a candle burning,
Light the path walked by faith,
Because the heart is a terrible navigator,
Blind as it were in love

Keep a candle burning,
Let the wick be our hourglass,
Let’s allow love in its full force,
IF only until its last burning breath,

Keep a candle burning,
Where night walks are worth,
More than trips to the moon and back,
In their value of expression of love,

Keep a candle burning,
In its brilliance,
Let’s milk the love,
Out of this dalliance



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Frankhie Muthumbi

Frankhie Muthumbi


Perfectly Imperfect || Human, Alexithymiac Poet, Writer, Musician